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100 Mile InspectionUpdated 5 months ago

Like any mechanical device, your e-bike has a break-in period. We recommend doing an inspection and tuneup after the first 100 miles to review any changes and adjustments needed. This also helps you to get acquainted with how your riding habits reflect on your e-bike.

A standard multiple-point security inspection costs around 30 to 75 USD at any local bicycle repair place. It's basically a multiple-item inspection done by a mechanic. If you have bike experience or a cyclist friend, these are the things you can review at home. We have handy videos that are available on our YouTube channel. 

Here is the list of recommendations:

Inspect the frame

  • Verify the frame looks undamaged

Front fork

  • Check for play between the front fork and frame
  • Fork turning freely and smoothly


  • Check they are properly lined up with the front tire
  • They should not move when you hold the front wheel between your legs and you try and turn the handlebar
  • The headset should be tight
  • Grips properly tight
  • All handlebar accessories are tight


  • Seatpost should be secured properly
  • The seat should be torqued on the seat post clamp


  • Inspect tires for damages
  • Inspect rims for damages
  • Check the tension on the spokes
  • Inflate your tires properly (below)


  • All braking hardware is tight and torqued properly
  • Brakes working properly
  • Brake pads should be worn evenly 

Crank and pedals

  • Spins freely
  • Pedals tight
  • The shifter should run up and down smoothly
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