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Cleaning Your E-Bike

How to Clean an Electric Bike. Knowing how to clean an electric bike is essential. As with any investment, you want to do whatever you can to make sure your e-bike is running smoothly and looking great all the time. Though many people may focus on in

How To Fix A Flat Tire

This video will guide you through fixing a flat tire. Below are written instructions as well for your reference.

How To Reset The Trip Meter

The LCD display has a trip counter function. This is useful when you wish to keep track of the distance you ride. The Amp-hours (Ah) and Watt-hour (Wh) drawn from the battery pack are also linked to the trip counter data. This counter can be reset to

How To Operate The Halo Light

After turning on your bike, the halo headlight will automatically turn on. You must change the halo headlight settings to manual SWITCH to shut it off manually. TO TURN OFF THE HALO LIGHT. Push and hold the “assist up” button on your LCD for 2 second

How To Speak To A E-Bike Mechanic

Have you had trouble explaining to an e-bike mechanic what part is not working? Are you unsure what they are saying to you? Below is a diagram of an e-bike with the different areas called out for you. This will assist you in speaking to a bike mechan

Installing A Rear Wheel On: HyperScorpion/HyperScrambler2 and Scorpion X Models

In this article, we show you how to reinstall your rear wheel. These instructions are for the following models:HyperScorpionHyperScrambler 2Scorpion XTools Needed:Paper towel or shop ragFoam mat or something soft to rest the e-bike on19mm socket wren

Adding An Airtag Into A G2 Battery

Notes Before Getting Started:. Please click here for instructions if you need help connecting the Airtag to your iPhone. Removing the Battery Handle. Removing the Cover and installing the AirTag. Re-Installing the AirTag Cover. Re-Installing the Batt