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How To Fix A Flat TireUpdated 6 months ago

This video will guide you through fixing a flat tire. Below are written instructions as well for your reference.

To fix a flat tire, it has first to be removed. For the front tire, unscrew/loosen the axle so the wheel can easily be removed.

Once your wheel is off, you can then replace the tire.

1. Using a tire lever, remove the flat tire.
2. Take out the flat tube.
3. Replace the tube and position the stem valve where it lines up in the tube hole.
4. When the new wheel is on & in position, fill it with air to approximately 75% of its maximum psi.

Another solution to a tire puncture is Sealant. Once the sealant is inside your tire or tube, it will not ball up, dry out, or stop sealing holes!

NOTE: If your rear tire has a flat, we recommend a trip to a local bike shop, as assembly can get complicated and require special tools for the back wheel due to the motor.
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