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Installing A Rear Wheel On: HyperScorpion/HyperScrambler2 and Scorpion X ModelsUpdated 6 months ago

In this article, we show you how to reinstall your rear wheel. These instructions are for the following models:
  • HyperScorpion
  • HyperScrambler 2
  • Scorpion X
Tools Needed:
  • Paper towel or shop rag
  • Foam mat or something soft to rest the e-bike on
  • 19mm socket wrench for HyperScrambler 2, HyperScorpions and Scorpion X with acorn nuts
  • 18mm socket wrench for HyperScorpions and Scorpion X with open nuts
  • 4mm allen wrench
Re-Installing The Rear Wheel:
  1. Pull the derailleur back by hand and lift the wheel into place. Be sure to place the chain on the smallest cog
  2. Be sure to line up the notch with the dropout on the bike’s right side.
  3. On the other side of the bike, ensure the rotor slides in between the brake pads. ***Warning: rotor is harp and can cause injury******
  4. Once the wheel is in place on the bike’s right side, replace the washer and nut and tighten by hand.
  5. On the bike’s left side, replace the anti-spin washer on the axle, ensuring it’s fully in place.
  6. Replace the bolt and tighten it with the 4mm allen tool.
  7. Now, put the nut on the axle and fully tighten it with the 18mm or 19mm wrench.
  8. Fully tighten the nut on the other side of the bike with the wrench.
  9. Carefully reconnect the motor cable, being sure the pins are lined up.
  10. Replace the zip ties, being very careful not to cut the cables when cutting off the excess zip tie material.
  11. You can place them back on the bike if you have axle nut caps
  12. Have a friend help you to turn the model right side up again. Now, you can reinstall the mirrors and move the LCD to the correct position.
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