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LCD Settings - Low VoltsUpdated 6 months ago

In some cases, riders may wish to create a “reserve” by raising the value of the “low volts” setting. This setting allows the user to set the minimum voltage the battery is permitted to reach. As the voltage approaches the preset limit, the power to the motor will be automatically reduced. Once the resting voltage reaches the preset voltage limit, the bike will no longer assist the rider.

Studies have shown that avoiding deep discharges will increase the usable life of your lithium battery.

To adjust your Low Volt settings, Press and Hold the + and - buttons for 3 seconds, and you will go to the settings screen

Using the + and - buttons to move up and down, move the selection to Low Volts and press the Power button once to enter the option.

Now you can use the + and - Buttons to adjust the desired Low Voltage and then press the Power Button to exit.
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