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LCD Won't Turn OnUpdated 6 months ago

The 1-4 wire harness cable could have come loose. To correct this, disconnect and reconnect the 1-4 cable. Check to see if any pins are bent or if there is any corrosion build-up. After reconnecting, try to start up the display, which typically resolves the issue.

Another potential cause could be that the cable connector has come broken. We have seen cases in which a bike parked on a rack will get caught on another bike when pulled off the rack. This can pull the cable out just enough to cause a problem. After riding for a short while, it can come loose, and the bike will shut down.

A change in temperature or moisture can also cause a bit of pressure inside the connector and could push the part loose.

You should not need to tape the connection, but we recommend checking the cable periodically. Note that some force is necessary to engage the connections fully.

We have designed it so that it can be easily removed if needed. This allows the repair/replacement of the cable without replacing the entire controller. This improves the bike's overall serviceability.
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