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Pre-Ride Safety ChecklistUpdated 7 months ago

Welcome to the Juiced Bikes Family! Please watch our Pre-Ride Safety Checklist for a smooth, safe ride. Below the video, we have some helpful tips and tricks.

Tips For Your First Ride:

1. Check that all instructions were followed for your bike assembly.
2. Fully charge your battery.
3. Check your tire pressure.
4. Verify that your brake levers are functioning while walking the bike. 
5. While the bike is not powered on, perform a quick test ride to ensure the bike is assembled properly and working correctly.
6. Select the ECO mode on the LCD to get used to riding the e-bike with pedal assist activated.
7. Your brakes will need to go through the bedding-in process. (Find out more about that here)
8. Stop and inspect your bike if you notice anything strange or unusual.

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