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Setting Up Cruise ControlUpdated 6 months ago


The cruise control feature can be used to maintain a desired speed without using the Throttle or Pedal Assist. 

To activate the Cruise Control function: 

Use the throttle or pedal assist in reaching your desired speed. While actively using the throttle or pedal assist, push and hold the Assist Down Button for 2 seconds.

When the “C” graphic appears in the left corner, release the Assist Down Button, and the current speed will be maintained without the need to use the throttle or pedal assist. The throttle is automatically modulated in cruise control mode to maintain the preset speed.

Note: You must actively use the Throttle or the pedal assist to engage the Cruiser Control function. 

Deactivating the Cruise Control

To discontinue the use of the cruise control function, you can do the following actions: 

  • Use the brakes by squeezing the brake lever 
  • Use the throttle
  • Push the Assist Up or Assist Down buttons
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