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What Are Assist Levels?Updated 8 months ago

Your bike has gears to help you in a mechanical way, like setting a comfortable cadence and adjusting the effort needed to pedal. The assist levels help you with this but in an electrically powered way.

Note: All of our bikes are configured to follow Federal regulations.

Some of the extra modes are available via settings.

- This is basically no power assisting you while riding.

ECO - This will give you enough power to take the weight of the bike off

1,2,3 - These are incremental steps on power assist that will cap when reaching 20mph

Sport, S - Will give you full power output, having a 28mph cap

Off-Road / Race - This will give you the full system power and won't have a speed limiter. Only to be used where allowed. Check your local E-Bike Laws. 

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