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Portable Air Pump InstructionsUpdated 8 months ago

You made the smart decision to buy the new Smart Portable Air Pump. Are you wondering where the hose is at? It's included with the pump at the very top. You will see a small part of the hose sticking out on the top of the pump. Grab that and pull it out. That is your flexible hose. Install that into the red ring next to the area where you pulled the hose out. (See Image Below)

A few awesome features of the new air pump: 

Get the perfect pump every time - even at night! This compact, lightweight, and multi-purpose pump with an emergency flashlight adds peace of mind to your cycling kit without taking up space. The ultra-bright display automatically cuts off at your pre-selected PSI. Never get stranded from a flat tire again with the Juiced Bikes Smart Portable Air Pump. Small enough to keep in your saddle bag yet powerful enough to get you back on the road.

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