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Setup Instructions

RelayRack Installation Instructions

Overview. This rack is designed for the Scorpion Series E-bikes and allows compatibility with the RelayRack Cargo Platform. The RelayRack Cargo Platform allows you to quickly mount and remove accessories such as bags, baskets, and other gadgets to yo

Portable Air Pump Instructions

You made the smart decision to buy the new Smart Portable Air Pump. Are you wondering where the hose is at? It's included with the pump at the very top. You will see a small part of the hose sticking out on the top of the pump. Grab that and pull it

Heavy Duty Kickstand Instructions

The Heavy Duty Kickstand is a replacement for the standard kickstand used on several of our e-bikes, like the Scrambler and Scorpions. The kickstand has a strong construction designed for heavier e-bikes. Assembly Diagram. Compatibility. This kicksta

Passenger Seat Kit Instructions

Overview. The Passenger Seat Kit allows you to carry passengers on your Scorpion/HyperScorpion e-bike safely. The kit includes all the parts and hardware needed to perform the installation. Online Store Link: Passenger Seat Kit. E-Bike Compatibility.

RelayRack Cargo Platform Instructions

Overview. The RelayRack Cargo Platform allows you to quickly mount and remove accessories such as bags, baskets, and other gadgets to your e-bike without the use of straps, fasteners, or bungee cords. Another advantage of the platform is that cargo c

Battery Upper Interface V3 Service Kit (52V)

Overview. The Battery Upper Interface locks the battery to the frame and provides a secure electrical connection between the battery and the onboard electronics. There are two types of Battery Upper Interfaces used on Juiced Bikes. You must select th

Bedding In Your Brakes

What Does Bedding In Do?. You may ask yourself what do you want me to do with my brakes? You are not alone... Bedding in your brakes is the heating of your brake pads, which causes them to transfer some of the material to the rotor. This process give

Setting Up Cruise Control

Overview. The cruise control feature can be used to maintain a desired speed without using the Throttle or Pedal Assist. To activate the Cruise Control function:. Use the throttle or pedal assist in reaching your desired speed. While actively using t

Rear Fender Set - Installation Diagram

Above is the Installation diagram for the 20" x 4.0" Fender Set. This product is compatible with the HyperScorpion, Scorpion, and HyperScrambler 2 models.