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What Does IP Rating Mean?

The IP code classifies the “Ingress Protection” rating of an item (protection from objects, dust, water). This is important to understand as our products are being used outdoors and they have similar and different ratings. The common rule to add a cl

Shipping Box Dimensions

These are the measurements for the box you will receive with your bike.

What Are Assist Levels?

Your bike has gears to help you in a mechanical way, like setting a comfortable cadence and adjusting the effort needed to pedal. The assist levels help you with this but in an electrically powered way. Note: All of our bikes are configured to follow

How can I verify if a used Juiced bike I'm purchasing has been reported stolen?

To check if a used Juiced bike has been reported as stolen, you can provide us with the bike's serial number or the original owner's email/name. We maintain a small list of reported stolen bikes to assist customers with such inquiries. If we receive