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Cleaning Your E-BikeUpdated 7 months ago

How to Clean an Electric Bike

Knowing how to clean an electric bike is essential. As with any investment, you want to do whatever you can to make sure your e-bike is running smoothly and looking great all the time. Though many people may focus on inspecting the brakes, motor, or other components of the e-bike, all riders must remember that regularly cleaning the entire e-bike will help keep these mechanical elements in working order. Here are some cleaning tips to help you keep your Juiced Bike in the best possible condition.

How to Perform a Quick Clean on Your E-Bike

If you can't commit to a thorough cleaning but need to give your e-bike a quick wash and once-over, follow these tips:

  • Always remove the battery before cleaning.
  • Scrub the bike from wheel to wheel with a damp cloth or brush, using a small amount of soap if necessary.
  • Clean the drivetrain with a bike de-greaser.
  • Clean the brakes with a disc brake cleaner. Don't use soap on your disc brakes, as any residue can cause the brakes to squeal.
  • Dry the bike thoroughly, and do not replace the battery until you're sure it is dry.

How to Perform a Thorough Clean on Your E-Bike

Juiced Bikes can handle different terrains and weather conditions, meaning yours will likely see its share of dirt and grime. Your bike will require a thorough cleaning using these additional tips:

  • Hand-wash the frame slowly to get caked-on mud off without chancing any sharp particles scratching the paint.
  • Scrub hard-to-reach areas with a toothbrush to remove small particles of sand and dirt.
  • Clean the rear tire cassette and chain.
  • Check and tighten loose screws.
  • Remove the seat and allow water to drain out of the stem.
  • Remove the front steering headset post and grease the headset.
  • Remove the pedals to clean and grease the bottom bracket.
  • Use chain oil to lightly lubricate it after cleaning.
  • Dry the e-bike thoroughly and store it responsibly.

When to Clean Your E-Bike

How often you need to clean your e-bike will depend on usage. You should always wash your e-bike after a ride through exceptionally soiled terrain such as sand, snow, and mud. We recommend creating a cleaning schedule for your Juiced Bike. For instance, commit to a thorough clean once a month while performing a quick touch-up when needed. Remember that regardless of when you clean it, you need to leave no spot untouched, dry it correctly, and store it responsibly.

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