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G2 Battery Features

Take a closer look at the NEW G2 52-Volt E-Bike Battery from Juiced Bikes! A huge leap forward in electric bike battery technology - the redesigned platform system delivers a massive functionality upgrade! Equipped with a handle for quick installatio

Class 2 Dislpay

The Standard LCD Display on our Class 2 RipRacer is a one-touch wonder! Turn on your bike, adjust your pedal assist level, and check speed and battery level all at the touch of a button. Watch this video for an in-depth look at all the features of th

Where Is The Serial Number On My E-Bike?

We use serial numbers to track e-bikes that have been purchased. We use your serial number to register your bike at the time of purchase automatically. Each e-bike has a serial number stamped on the frame, which can be found in the following location

LCD Settings - Low Volts

In some cases, riders may wish to create a “reserve” by raising the value of the “low volts” setting. This setting allows the user to set the minimum voltage the battery is permitted to reach. As the voltage approaches the preset limit, the power to

JetCurrent Pro

The JetCurrent Pro is the first e-bike to debut the PowerBlade electronics platform, featuring a customized hub motor packing 2,000W of peak power. It is powered by a supercharged 1,200W NeoBlade Motor (2,000W Peak) Juiced-Bafang Custom Designed Hub

Color LCD Display Setup

***ONLY compatible for our 52V E-Bikes. Will NOT work on any older generation 48V Juiced E-Bikes.***. The new Smart Color Display Screen upgrade is a plug-and-play solution to enhance your Juiced Bikes E-Bike. Navigate easily using intuitive controls